Stop with Meaningless Meetings

As with a lot of organisations the Chamber of Commerce is an ecosystem where meaningless meetings seem to thrive. You know the kind: hour long sessions in which half of the people are not engaged or even sure why they are there.

Because my time is precious to me I’ve developed a way of dealing with these.

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A new job at the Chamber of Commerce

Last Thursday (September 1st) I started working in my new position at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. In the two days I’ve been here I’ve had a deluge of information pass over me. A lot is not yet known, but it is clear that they are desperately looking for a way to become a more agile organization. It seems I have got my work cut out for me and I am eager to get started.

In order to make sense of it all I’ve decided to keep a blog on my observations and experiences so far. It’ll also be a good starting point to get this blog going.